Ms. Kat’s Blogger Spotlight: She’s Candid

This month’s spotlight feature blogger is Victoria Mason from! You may also know her as the president of Black Bloggers United! Pull up a chair & check out her interview below.

How long have you been blogging? I’ve been blogging for just over 3 years now! I feel like a seasoned vet in the game.

What is your blog about? That’s a really good question, because every time I think I have the complete answer it changes. To me, She’s Candid is literally about me showing my true journey through life and entrepreneurship. I don’t sugar coat things and try my best to always show people the real side of this thing we call “life”.

Favorite topic to talk about? How to be a #GirlBoss. I love sharing my mistakes, knowledge and expertise with other entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs!

Share one of your favorite blog posts that you’ve written: The Ugly Truth About Your Friends & Family Not Supporting Your Blog

Share one of your favorite blog posts written by someone else: Why I Don’t F*ck With People Like That Anymore

If you could collaborate with any blogger, who would it be? Jaleesa of No Country For Old Trends! Still waiting for her to bling my hotline. LOL.

If you could do a sponsored post for your dream company/product, what would it be? JetBlue because they are forever my favorite form of flying domestic. I literally did an entire post on why I love them. [Ed. Note: Adventures With JetBlue: Why Millennials Should Fly Blue]

Your blogging tips/advice: Focus on yourself and your content. We live in a world that pushes us to pay attention to everything else but ourselves and our craft. Truthfully, the longer we spend saying “my blog isn’t like so and so’s” or “I don’t have big social media following” is the longer it will take your blog to actually become successful. Celebrate yourself, your content and focus on leveling up for YOU.

Shoutout to your top five favorite bloggers: Just five? Oh goodness. I added two vloggers in there, so I hope that’s okay! Jaleesa of No Country For Old Trends, Kyshira of HERmovement, Rocky Barnes, Desi Perkins and Jackie Aina. They’re all from a variety of niches, but each has a unique pull and has mastered a certain area of expertise in blogging/vlogging. Whether it be monetizing, remaining authentic or influencing, these are definitely my top favorites.

Huge thanks to Victoria for being my featured blogger this month! Be sure to check out her blog at! You can also follow her on social media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest!

Want to be featured in my blogger spotlight? Send me an email at!


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