Ms. Kat’s Blogger Spotlight: For My Misses

This month’s spotlight feature is about author and new blogger Cassandra Carter from! Sit back and enjoy her interview! 

How long have you been blogging?

Just over two months. I’m a newbie for real!

What is your blog about?

If you’ve ever read any of my books then you know I primarily write romance, but when it came to blogging I knew I had to create something more inclusive and relatable. And as a single woman, love damn sure wasn’t it LOL. 

The idea behind the name “For My Misses” actually stems from my social media handle @callmemisscarta, given the fact that most of my peers address me as “Miss Carta” since high school. Plus, we all know us Millennials don’t just go around using words “sir” and “miss” on a regular basis so I felt like that title was given out of respect and I wanted to find a way to share that with others, especially other women, a.k.a “my misses.” So while I hope my blog can allows me to better express my thoughts and interests – however that looks or feels at that time – there really isn’t any one theme for that same reason. I want this blog to be a little bit of everything and anything. You never know what you’re going to read!

Favorite topic to talk about?

Well, if we’re being honest, I love to talk about food! I actually did a post [Author edit: Bosses and Brunch] about a cool brunch experience with the Detroit Dining Club a couple weeks ago at Gold Cash Gold so I am definitely looking into trying new things and dishing out some more reviews over the summer. I still have day dream about them damn donuts. . . 

Share one of your favorite blog posts that you’ve written:

I think my favorite post so far would have to be “How I Made Rejection My Bitch.” And that is probably because it is my most personal post to date. Everyone always sees my announcements or my pics when it comes to modeling or writing books, but I wanted them to see there is another side to pursuing your dream and you can’t let one disappointment stop you. Being an artist has never been easy. If anything, you have to go harder for what you want. 

Share one of your favorite blog posts written by someone else:

I thought long and hard about a favorite blog post by someone else and drew a blank. It is so hard to narrow it down, especially being so new to the game, but I will say I recently found an interesting article on titled, “Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time On People Who Don’t Deserve It,” and I had to share. My time is my most precious resource right now and I refuse to waste it on anything that does not help me grow or make me better. That piece was almost speaking for me in terms of how I feel about love and dating today. 

If you could collaborate with any blogger, who would it be?

Same as my favorite blog, I don’t have one – not yet anyway. But I will say I am always open to collaborating with other talents whether in words or through pictures. I love to meet new creatives of all kinds so I am actually pretty excited that blogging is opening up so many more opportunities for that. If you’re reading this and you would like to work together, hit me up! 

If you could do a sponsored post for your dream company/product, what would it be?

Now this might sound crazy, but my wavy/curly hair is something like my trademark so I would love to promote Luster’s hair products simply because I’ve used their pink lotion since I was a little girl and still do to this day. Either that or Neutrogena, simply because I only want to endorse or promote companies and products I actually use or believe in. No matter the brand, I could never mislead people for money so you can trust any reviews from me will be honest. 

Your blogging tips/advice:

When it comes to blogging, my #1 tip would be: Be patient. Even though I have to exercise my own advice at times it’s important not to let your frustration hinder your creativity. I also have to remind myself that it takes time to build a loyal readership and get your traffic up. It takes time to build a name and partner with big brands. You won’t make money overnight. I try to focus more on content than numbers at the moment, but we all know even content can be a struggle sometimes. From what I can tell, consistency is the key to blogging. I can already tell a difference in mine and I’m only 5 posts in, but you have to stay with it. Write it and they will come. 

Shoutout to your top five favorite bloggers: 

One of my favorite bloggers to follow right now is Latrice Delgado-Macon of It has been so inspiring to work with her and watch her brand grow over the years. Whenever I can’t make one of the big fashion events in Michigan, I know I can always count on her for coverage. Not to mention, her role as a stylist helps keep you in style and on trend. As crazy as my schedule has been, I try to tune in for her live fashion talk segments on Wednesdays when I can.

The next person to come to mind would have to be Grace of I love her style, her story, and her strength in recent times is truly inspirational. It’s hard for me not to get a little emotional reading her posts sometimes. As someone who had their own reservations about opening up, I admire how candid she is about her life along with the fact that she has continued pursuing her passions no matter what.  

Another one I’ve had my eye on for awhile now is Aleali May, the name and face behind What I like most about her is her fresh, young perspective on the fashion industry. Plus, I’ve always been a fan of people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and who can embrace their own personal style. There is no denying she took street style up a notch. 

OMG, and then there is Rayne who runs There is really only one way for me to describe her blog – am.a.zing! If you are a foodie she is a must-follow. I wouldn’t visit her page when you’re hungry though. That would be torture. Because not only do her pictures make everything look good, they’ll probably make you jealous, too. Talk about a dream job. I would die to tag along with her for just one day. 

I don’t really get into the celeb gossip too much, but I do remember reading an interview when Necole Bitchie decided to rebrand as that got my attention and held it. I respect how she was willing to risk what she built for what she believed in. She chose her happiness over money which is pretty rare these days, and has proven you can still be successful. She’s also taught me that reinvention isn’t always a bad thing. Over time, it’s necessary. 

Huge thanks to Cassandra for being my featured blogger this month! Be sure to check out her blog at and author page on Amazon! Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @CallMeMissCarta

Want to be featured in my blogger spotlight? Send me an email at!


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