Great food, meal prep & more at the UK’s Strip Health Cafe! 

Kieron Richardson (Ste Hay, Hollyoaks), one of my favorite actors and someone who is near and dear to my heart, has recently opened a great new place called Strip Health Cafe in Manchester (UK)! 

The eatery is described as: 

A healthy eating establishment that caters to everyone’s individual requirements for a healthier lifestyle, whether your goal is to achieve weight loss, sport specific, or you just want to improve your eating habits. We can help by serving you fresh, nutritious, locally sourced foods! 

Since I’m in the US, I haven’t had the pleasure of trying out the cafe myself, but will definitely make it there someday. In the meantime, my lovely friends Vicky and Imane have graciously offered to share their experience! 

Vicky: “I visited Strip Health Cafe on Friday the 28th of April and Saturday the 29th of April. I opted for the ‘build a box’ and chose Pulled Pork with Sweet Potato Mash and Onions and Peppers. I tried pulled pork for the first time when I came here on February 16th. I instantly fell in love and decided to try it again on both days during this visit in April. 

 As soon as we arrived we were greeted with big smiles from everyone especially Donna. She had been asked by her son, Kieron Richardson (Ste Hay from Hollyoaks and also one of the cafe owners), to take a picture of us because we were sporting #FreeSteHay t’shirts. 

The service we received was beyond incredible and the food was delicious as always! Every single member of the staff took time to talk to us, asking how we were, how our day was going and if we had any other plans. This made us feel very welcome! They are honestly the nicest bunch of staff you’ll ever meet which is a real credit to the place!

 I would definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for something tasty and healthy to eat. The prices are a bargain and I believe you get way more than what you pay for. They also do a takeaway service and a meal prep… there is something for everybody! I already can’t wait to visit again!”

Imane: “My friends and I had an amazing time at Strip Health Cafe! It’s such a cosy and nicely decorated place. The staff is wonderful and very welcoming, and the food tastes so good.

On our first day there I tried the salmon, it was very well cooked and delicious. The quinoa and peppers with onion was very good with loads of flavour. I also tried their smoothie, it was very good as well.

The next day we were there I tried the Vegan Burger, it was excellent and I loved it! For my drink I had their protein shake which was delicious and fresh as well. 

Strip Health Cafe is really a great place to go if you want healthy and tasty food at a good price. I think it’s also important to say that their prices are very reasonable, and the quality is really great there.”

Thank you Vicky & Imane for sharing your experiences & great photos! For more details on the full menu and food prep service visit! You can also follow the eatery on Twitter @StripHealthCafe, and

Now that you’ve heard about this wonderful new place, you should head on down to 11 Bolton Road, Walkden, Manchester and try it for yourself! Be sure to tell them Kat from Ohio in America sent you!

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