Join me in a one month affirmation challenge!

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I came across a really great Twitter post the other day and thought it was actually quite timely as we are preparing to say farewell to 2016 and hello to 2017. It’s during this time of year that many of us start planning our new year resolutions. I used to do resolutions, but as the year progressed, they would eventually fall by the wayside. So, instead of making them or at least starting the year off with them, how about you join me on a one month journey! has a really great one month affirmation challenge that I definitely plan to take part in. You can start the challenge at anytime, but it is my intention to start this in January. I see this as a way to give yourself a solid foundation for the new year by doing a bit of inner soul work! Go to Soul Analyse’s affirmation challenge page for all of the details!

If you are not sure what affirmations are or how to use them, Soul Analyse gives great information on this and how they can be beneficial to you. I’m really excited about starting this and I do hope that you will join me! Comment below or tweet me @mskatsfaves to let me know if you will take part in the challenge too!


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