Hands up! Utensils down! Top Chef is back!

One of my favorite food competitions is back for its 14th season & my stomach is all a flutter! Top Chef premieres tonight at 10pm ET on Bravo. 

A total of 16 “cheftestants” will be battling it out for some MAJOR prizes and this year 8 of them are returning chefs from previous seasons (new twist)! This probably means that some of the returning contestants will be my early favorites until I see how the newbies do. 

Our friends Padma Lakshmi, Gail Simmons and Tom Colicchio are returning to their rightful places as host and at judges table. The stare downs they give to the bottom three chefs during judging is something to behold! You honestly haven’t lived until you see Tom judge a chef’s plate of food!

 I was really excited when it was announced that Master Chef alum and author Graham Elliot had joined the show! I need (NEED) to see him go head to head with Tom at least once this season! For those who love to cook or for the foodies in your life, Graham’s 100 recipe cook book Cooking Like A Master Chef is on sale now! *Holiday gift*

If you’ve never watched Top Chef, you should definitely check it out!  The chefs are amazingly talented, the food makes you hungry & the challenges are usually insane! A huge grand prize including $125,000 is at stake and they make the chefs work hard for it! 

I’m really looking forward to this season! Let me know if you’ll be watching it too! 


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